Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whole 60 Challenge

Following the great success of our Whole 30 nutrition challenge in the spring, a group CrossFit Akron members decided to take on the challenge, this time for 60 days. For 60 days our members and coaches took on the Whole 9 way of life, eating clean and healthy while improving overall health and well being. We are asking that you help us choose a winner by taking the time to read the essays that our participants wrote about their experiences while taking on the challenge. After you've read the essays and browsed through the photos, please vote at the top of the blog by Friday, October 21. We will announce the winner at our CrossFit Akron one year anniversary party on Saturday, October 22.

Please vote for one of the following participants, clicking on their name will direct you to their essay, photos and more. Click on the picture to enlarge photos.

Jen Sevald
Tim Etter
Katie Lancianese

Please take a minute to browse through other member experiences during the Whole 60 challenge

Katie Middendorf
Dina Younis
Cindy Virdo
Raun Skyrm