Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whole 60 Challenge: Jen Sevald

Total Body Fat Lost: 3.5%

Keep a food log, write an essay, get blood work and bod pod tested, and follow a new way of eating.  Sure, no problem right after Monday when I go workout, I get my two girls to school, remember show and tell, go to my mom's meeting and get the girls to dance class.  Tuesday go to Swim WOD, off to school, go to work, go to league volleyball, go to open gym volleyball.  Wednesday CFA workout, girls to school, maybe work lunch at the school, take daughter to swim lesson, play sand volleyball.  Thursday sleep in till 7AM, go to work, evening swim workout. Friday CFA WOD, off to school, clean and shop, swim lesson for Audrey, and then maybe an evening out.  Saturday CFA workout, catch up, maybe do a social event.  Sunday church and family day.  Whew!  Now remind me when I have time to write a food log, essay, and eat balanced meals?

I may not have the time to write but I do have time to make sure I am eating correctly.  The Whole 30 way of eating makes so much sense and it is easy for someone as busy as me.  I just have the mind set that I am eating fruits, veggies and protein.  When shopping or cooking I just make sure I am including these three groups.  People ask what I feed my family when I am doing Whole 30 and I tell them everything that I am eating too.  I may add in some bread or dairy for them, but it is easy to supplement.

 I now believe that my body does not tolerate dairy and carbs properly.  It is almost like I have had an allergy to them because they made me bloated and pack on the weight.  I like the feeling I have when I do not experience hunger or being full.  I also like knowing by eating smart that I have lost 10 pounds in 2 months.

I do run into a few road blocks with my social life.  However, I try to be prepared by packing snacks or eating before I go to events.  I was recently invited to a party that was going to have catered food.  I assumed correctly that there would be nothing for me to eat.  I had warned the host and she said there would be chicken that I could eat. I asked her about it being made with butter and she said it was just plan.  It was full of breading.  She said she did not understand my diet and that she and her husband had never heard of such a thing. My answer to her was fruit, vegetables and protein?

I have successfully given up soda pop for over a year and half.  I now plan on staying with Whole 30 until I go to Cancun in November.  I plan to continue planning my meals with the Whole 30 concepts.

During the 60 days I can tell you I had one bite of cake for someone's birthday and 4 nights of drinking wine.  I would say it was a success.