Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whole 60 Challenge: Katie Middendorf

Body Fat Lost: .6%

Whole 60 by Katie Middendorf
Where on earth would I be, physically or mentally without the Whole 9, Whole 60, and all the support on camaraderie of my new CrossFit Akron family?  Oh, I’ll 
tell you where …
Holed up (still) in the dark abyss of accepting mediocrity of body mind and spirit. Well, that sounds a bit deep, but it’s true. I’ve always just accepted that I’d be a bit heavier, not overly strong, and just land somewhere in the middle.  This made for a flabby mind and spirit, as well as mid section. But no longer, my friends… 
Observe the New and Improved Katie. I’ve been pushed by the CrossFit Akron staff and encouraged by my fellow CrossFitters. I’m stronger (heck! I did my first unassisted pull up during the Whole 60) and more confident (I continue to receive a plethora of “you look fantastic” compliments, and I can assure you they don’t get old). My family and friends (especially my husband) are so happy for me, my new state of mind, motivation, level of energy, and of course the fact that I’m so much closer to the Australian-Surfer-Girl-Body of which I’ve always dreamed. And I continue to evolve…
Looking forward to each WOD with enthusiastic trepidation and each meal I prepare as a “Whole” culinary adventure, I’m delighted to share my new 
philosophies in health and nutrition with my family and friends. My children don’t hesitate to gulp down the healthy fare I put in front of them. Our dinner table is peppered with additional happy hungry faces of friends and neighbors throughout the week and I can attest to the fact that my Whole 9/Paleo cooking has drawn larger crowds, not sent them running up the street as I once thought it would. I’m not stopping now…
Enthusiasm, flavor, zap, zeal, zest – call it what you will. I’m more intensely driven in all of my daily activities from vacuuming the floor, to running on the 
playground with the kiddos. I had no idea the all-encompassing effect this would have on my life.

60 days – a drop in the bucket when I look at my entire life. 9 months after starting with CrossFit Akron, I’m 30 pounds lighter, a heck of a lot stronger 
than I’d imagined I could be, and more motivated take care of myself and my family than I’ve been my entire life.  The world somehow seems brighter and more alive than ever.
0 regrets.  Thank you, Katie Middendorf