Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whole 30 Challenge

This spring, a group of athletes at  CrossFit Akron completed a 30 day nutrition and weight loss challenge. For 30 days, they learned how to eat clean and healthy by following the Whole 9 nutrition program.  By following the program, every single participant changed the way they looked, felt, and preformed during the WODs. The results are in, and we're asking that you help us vote for the Whole 30 Challenge winner. Each participant has written an essay about their experience with the program. We ask that you read essay and check out the photos for reference. After you've read the essays, please chose one athlete who you think deserves to win the challenge. You may vote on the poll located at the top of the blog. We are so proud of our athletes, each and every one has achieved great strides and we encourage you all to do the same in our next Whole 9 Challenge.

Thank you!

Participating athletes:

  1.  Wes Laney
  2.  Jen Sevald
  3. Betsy Finley
  4. Cathy Riedel
  5. Chantal Ergh
  6. Cindy Virdo
  7. Colleen Wertz
  8. Jamie Grigas
  9. Jan Wojno
  10. Katie Lancianese
  11. Ken Riedel
  12. Krista Beckman
  13. Raun Skyrm
  14. Scott Kolligan
  15. Susie Hopper