Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whole 30 Challenge: Jennifer Sevald

"Whole9 is a community focused on health, fitness, balance and sanity, all built on a foundation of real food and healthy nutritional habits." (Whole 9 website) CrossFit Akron athletes put their bodies to the test for 30 days. We've had nothing but success. Here are the stories to prove it.  Please vote at the top of the page for the winner.

Jennifer overall results: 3.1% body fat lost

Day one after the 30 day challenge was March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day. I had to make a decision. Did I want to continue eating clean healthy foods or did I want to go back to my old ways? It was an easy choice. I decided to continue eating clean. Green beer, corn  beef sandwiches with Thousand Island dressing, and fried food just wasn't did not seem worth all the work I had put in with eating correctly and my workouts.

As of March 17th, I had lost 10lbs and 3% body fat.  I have energy for my workouts and for taking care of my children. I like the way I feel through the day. I am not hungry or bloated. My skin does not have the cyst-like acne that I was experiencing.

I like having a pre-workout meal of hardboiled egg and handful of almonds. I also enjoy having a yam for a post workout meal. I do not miss dairy. I ate a ton of cheese, yogurt, and milk before this lifestyle change. I thought that this would be a hard objective to get out my diet. After the first few days it was pretty easy. In the past I have tried South Beach and Jenny Craig. I was successful but always returned to my bad habits. Whole9 Foods is the natural way to eat. It makes sense to continue and maintain this lifestyle.

My eyes have been open wide to the way American eats and cooks. It is hard for me not to glance into someone's grocery cart and evaluate their purchases. I want to start pulling the bad processed items out and set them towards the path of healthy eating. Restaurants were also an awakening. I went to a fundraiser were there was nothing available for me to eat. We went to Hyde Park afterwards and I ordered a steak. When they served the steak it was covered with butter. I was so discouraged. I have learned to be more conscience of ordering my skills.

I have also learned to be prepared with my food for the day. I had a seminar to attend in a hotel and I packed snacks and meals for the day. I had no clue what was going to be served. The menu for the day contained donuts, cookie, chips, fried chicken, pasta, and and buttered veggies. I was so happy that I had my food. Many of the seminar people were complaining that they were hungry and tired. I was just bored.

During the challenge I was able to box squat 215lbs which left me shaking in astonishment. I know I am faster and I am only getting stronger. I am still eating clean and plan on continuing this path of healthy eating. I love the way I feel and look!