Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whole 30 Challenge: Betsy Finley

Betsy Finley overall results: Body fat lost = 


Tales of a Paleo Princess (AKA Soxy lady)
Once upon a time there was a 60-year-old lady.  She thought she’d done enough to keep herself strong and pure.  She was gluten and casein free, subsisting on soy – but eating lots of rice and oatmeal.  She worked out  challenges to win the heart of the lady but in this case the lady likes challenges! However, this one was rather daunting: absolutely NO sugar or anything processed.  In addition, no legumes, no soy, no rice, no oatmeal.  So what could she eat?  Well all sorts of meat, vegetables and fruit (within limits).  Her biggest vices of wine and chocolate were out…but hey, lent was starting soon and she’d be giving up chocolate anyways; bring it on!  
After the first week she noticed that she wasn’t missing the sugar or the chocolate.  Her steel cut oatmeal mornings were still haunting her mind and what to do about all those eggs in the morning was bugging her but the rest of the day was rather easy.  She experimented with new recipes…chicken in coconut milk and stuffed acorn squash.  These made great leftovers for lunch.  She discovered the bonus of eating ½ of a sweet potato and turkey or roast beef as a post workout meal.  YUM.  Larabars are pure – made of dates and nuts….no added sugar.  Kale with mango makes a great salad.  She even put a little bit of black coffee in her repertoire for an energy boost.  Her body continued to thank her for the simple eating.  There were no physical repercussions.  Her gut seemed happy with the simple intake.  She stayed healthy and continued to grow in strength and resolve.  WOW this was better than the Ultramind Solution (gluten and casein free).  She dropped 4% in body fat and lost a few pounds on the way.  

Did she live happily ever after?  Well she may have found a prince along the way – yet to be determined.  But it’s a lot of fun kissing this frog for sure and the body and brain sure feel stronger.  So she’s sticking with it!  She’s going to add a glass of wine or two to celebrate…but continuing on.  No backsliding for this princess.  Onward and upward!