Saturday, March 24, 2012

I AM CrossFit Akron: Sean Sullivan

This is a story of how Sean and CrossFit Akron were just meant to be together. Having heard of the CrossFit method of fitness repeatedly for a year from a friend, Sean kept blowing his friend off until he couldn't avoid us any longer. Once CrossFit Akron opened in the fall of 2010, Sean had to drive by our box everyday on his way home from work. Four months later, he decided it was time to finally see what we were all about. Sean took us back to his very first WOD where he anxiously deadlifted 160 pounds. Although scared, he stuck with us and less than a year later,  at the end of his eight week I AM CrossFit Akron challenge, he deadlifted 355 pounds. Improvement? We'd like to think so. As if more than doubling your deadlift weight isn't enough, Sean completed 10,000 AbMat sit ups and continues to wow other athletes with his method of transportation to the WODs: Running.