Sunday, March 25, 2012

I AM CrossFit Akron: Jon Hefner

Besides building a strong CrossFit Akron community, the thing we love most about the I AM CrossFit Akron challenge are the goals that are achieved in just a short period of time. How many of us have continuously put things off just because of the fear of the unknown? I'll start my diet tomorrow, I'll join the gym next month. I'll do it after vacation. Just one more piece of cheesecake, please. Eight weeks really isn't a lot of time, and Jon's achievements in such a short time frame is not only inspiration to get our behinds in gear, but it's proof that anyone can set goals and meet them if you stick with it and work hard. Before we go on about how well Jon did during the challenge, take a glance at his before and after photos above. Go ahead, do it. I spy definition in the abs. That definition is a result of a few I AM CrossFit Akron workouts, a 5% decrease in body fat and 2,000 sit ups that Jon completed on his own. WAY TO GO JON!