Sunday, March 25, 2012

I AM CrossFit Akron: Louis Riccardi

Where shall we begin with Louis? Perhaps we can start with the 400+ deadlift or the muscle ups, or maybe the set of abs that seemed to have magically appeared on his body. Louis' progress at CrossFit Akron is the definition of a complete transformation. Since starting CrossFit Akron a year ago, he's lost over 40 pounds.  Louis is the type of athlete who sets a goal, sticks with it, and gets it done. It's like he walks around with a CrossFit To Do list and effortlessly checks things off. Oh a muscle up? Not a problem for him anymore, he'll even take the time to hold the movement and smile for the camera while doing it. Since completing the I AM CrossFit Akron challenge, he completed 10,000 sit ups and met if not exceeded his goals over eight weeks. Here's a little note from Louis:
I had an amazing experience with "I am Crossfit Akron" I was motivated and stuck to Paleo about 99% for this program. I hit 178 lbs which officially put me at 40 lbs lost in less than a year. I'm not concerned with losing weight anymore because I have hit my goals. I've completely exceeded all weight loss goals i've had. I feel great, I am confident and I'm performing better than ever at WODs.