Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I AM CrossFit Akron: Linda Williams

If you've met Linda and haven't been inspired by her determination, we'd be really surprised. At 60 years old, Linda can compete better, harder, and stronger than most 27 year olds, and I'm speaking from experience here, Linda has kicked my butt in WODs on many occasions. Since she joined CrossFit Akron a year ago, the pounds have been melting off and she recently completed our I AM CrossFit Akron challenge. In eight weeks, Linda lost an additional 1.7% in body fat and exceeded the challenge goal of 10,000 sit ups by completing 10,200!  That's more sit ups  than some people can say they did in an entire year. With enough strength and willpower to out do kids half her age, Linda follows her own advice when it comes to CrossFitting: "you're never too old."

A message from Linda: 

 As I approach my one year anniversary with Crossfit I can say I have been transformed. I lost over 35 lbs and dropped 3 pant sizes. I can actually do a squat without topling over and can finish a WOD without passing out. My transformation is very noticable as I get compliments and comments from both work and home. I am stronger and more fit at 60 that I was at 40. The coaches are wonderful and my fellow crossfitters are so supportive. They keep me motivated to reach a little higher than before, to go the distance and a little more. I am truley thankful for tyhe experience and I am looking forward to another year with CrossFit Akron.

Body Fat Lost During Challenge: 1.7%